Millard Falls

TRs for the San Gabriel Mountains.
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On Wednesday I hiked solo. My friend introduced me to La Vina trail which is sort of a secret trail that literally begins in his back yard. He lives in a gated community so unless you live there you do not have access. The La Vina trail connects to a portion of the Millard Canyon and exits out of the Millard Campground parking lot. I think it's private property because there are a couple of cabins located there and not alot of public access through that portion of the trail. Anyways, I checked out Millard Falls and had the waterfall all to myself. After 20 minutes of enjoying my alone time, about 10 young people started heading up the trail and of course no social distancing. Since I really didn't have a plan, I decided to check out a portion of the Dawn Mine trail and Sunset Ridge trail. It was such a beautiful, peaceful hike and I had the trails all to myself. I was surrounded by lush green grass, lots of flowers and some really cool mushrooms and fungus.
There was alot of water in the canyons and it was impossible for me to keep my feet dry,
La Vina Trail
Sunset Ridge Trail
Dawn Mine Trail



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